Dual Sport Riding in Groton, MA or The Road Not Traveled

Dual Sport Riding in Groton, MA or The Road Not Traveled

Over the years, I have done a lot dual sport riding in Groton, MA.  When I first started riding in the 70’s, there were many miles of trails in the woods, power lines and abandoned railroad beds as well as my favorite place, the Groton Town Forest.  This post is not an indictment of the town, just a trip down memory lane.


At one time, you could jump on the railroad bed in Ayer, MA and go all the way to Nashua, NH.  There were many miles of side trails to explore along the way and you could easily make take an entire day and not run out of riding.    This particular trail shown in the picture is now a paved rail trail.


Recently I took a ride around town to check out a few of my old haunts.  I haven’t done this for a few years.  The last time I did this was after the town had made it known quite publicly that dirt bikes and ATV’s were not welcome.  Many of the trails had grown in from lack of use.

Much to my surprise, it looks like the trails are being used again.  This picture shows the entrance I used for years to get in to a large area of single track trails that hooks up to another railroad bed that has been shortened substantially for a conservation area.  What I found interesting is that on the other side of the conservation area the railroad bed has been hijacked by some homeowners who have it posted as private property with no trespassing.


Power lines have always been a big part of off road riding in the northeast and from my travels it looks like in other parts of the country as well.  Here it’s easy to see that these power lines are being used again illegally.  There are miles of good stuff here as well.


The areas that I used to ride in were all illegal except for the Groton Town Forest.  Now that GTF is illegal, there is no legal riding in this area.  I haven’t given out any specifics as to exactly where any of these trails are because I’m not encouraging anyone to ride where you are trespassing.


Once again, this is merely

a trip down

memory lane.  I don’t want anyone taking a trip in the back of a police car.