Dual Sport Ride Around Fitzwilliam, NH Part 2

Class 6 road

Dual Sport Ride Around Fitzwilliam, NH Part 2

As I found myself on a dual sport ride around Fitzwilliam again today, I figured I would continue with my previous post Dual Sport Riding Around Fitzwilliam, NH.  At the end, I gave a little tease about a mother lode of dual sport riding nearby.  As I will explain, this post is not about that.

If you follow the previous ride around Fitzwilliam and end up on Howeville Rd, you will eventually end up on Winchendon Rd.  I always take a right there because it is the general direction towards home.  Today I took a left then a quick right on Turnpike Rd.  This is a great road of varying quality that goes all the way back to downtown Fitzwilliam.

As I had never been on this road before, which was surprising to me because it is a very long road through an area I know well, I kept stopping and using Google maps to see where side roads went.  There is a road that crosses near the beginning called Deland Rd.  that looks to offer some interesting possibilities as well.  Next trip through I will explore it.

The farther along you go on Turnpike, the more remote it gets.  There are several more unnamed and unmaintained roads that branch off as well as several ATV and single track trails beckoning anyone who would choose to ride illegally.  I don’t recommend it.

rail trail


As you get into NH, you will encounter an old rail trail that of course is now off limits.  You will cross it repeatedly and it feels like either a tease or a taunt.  It is easy to see that someone has been riding it illegally recently, but I swear it wasn’t me.

The road has become paved now but soon you will encounter one of my favorite kinds of signs.  The road bears left but straight ahead is another poorly maintained road.  The sign says ” Class 6 Road.  Not Town Maintained”  What this means is that it can be ridden legally and it may be a mess.  What could be better?

Turnpike rdBack to my tease about the mother lode.  I haven’t ridden in that exact area for a few years now.  I actually set out today to find and photograph some of the roads so I could write another post.  Unfortunately my memory is not what it used to be.  It was a good news/ bad news situation.  I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found something else.  I also got to have another great ride on a beautiful day.  I’ll do my best to find it next time.