Parabellum Dual Sport Windshield Review

If you have ridden your bike any distance in the cold and/or rain without a windshield, please read on.  I purchased a Parabellum windshield for my Suzuki DR650 8 months ago and now can’t imagine being without it.  In this review, I will talk about my experiences both positive and negative. 

As I searched for the right windshield for my bike, I fund several less expensive alternatives.  Since anything over $50 in expensive to me, I wanted to be sure that I made the right decision.  I went to blogs and asked questions.  Time and time again, I got the same answer.  The Parabellum is worth the investment.  It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

parabellum windshield

I called Parabellum to find out which size would be right for me.  I got through right away and placed my order.  It arrived quickly and came with a fair set of directions.  A little more detail would have been appreciated but I had it on the bike in less than an hour.  One irritating detail is that when you mount the top brackets, the thickness of the bracket creates an uneven surface for the handlebar mounts.  I ended up pulling it apart again and adding spacers. 

parabellum windshield spacers

(Note Spacers)

The comfort level improved dramatically.  I ride year round so decreasing the wind blast really made a difference.  I can’t say enough about the difference this windshield has made in the long distance capability of the bike.  There is some buffeting at high speeds but nothing dangerous.   It is easily removed if you just leave the upper and lower brackets in place.  I recently changed mirrors and had never given it a thought that the windshield is in the way.  If you are thinking about new mirrors, make sure you make the switch before you add the windshield. 

parabellum windshield bracket

Something I haven’t gotten quite comfortable with is riding off road.  It is fine in most situations but I feel like I could do some neck damage if I was a little aggressive.  I am planning a dual sport ride to the Dragon area this spring.  The plan is to drive up on the bike then take the windshield off while I ride the various routes.  I will then put the windshield back on for the ride home.  It is that easy. 

In summation, I would give this product a 9.5 out of 10.  The missing .5 is due more to my type A personality than any actual product deficiency.  Highly recommended.